Kristen Lamb
Licensed Massage Therapist

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.



AromaTouch Treatment 

Enhanced by 8 of doTerra's certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, this deeply healing and beneficial treatment helps reduce the impact of life's everyday challenges that cause our bodies to function below optimal level.  This treatment helps reduce stress, enhances your immune system, decreases inflammation, and bring balance back to your body.                                                          30 minute treatment $50.

AromaTouch Plus

Not only will your body be brought back into a state of homeostasis by the relaxing yet refreshing, antibacterial and antiviral properties of doTerra essential oils, but will start with:

30 minute back/neck massage               60 minute session $80

60 minute full body therapeutic massage  90 minute session $110


60 Minute Swedish Integrated Massage Sessions

 3 Sixty minute sessions $180 ($60/massage, save $45)

 *Add on aromatherapy foot scrubs: 3 pack $10


90 Minute Swedish Integrated Massage Sessions

3 Ninety minute sessions $270 ($90/massage, save $45)*

*Foot scrubs included in all 90 minute massage sessions; if desired.


Integrated Warm Bamboo Massage

$75- Sixty Minute Session


Gift Certificates Available

All Packages are good for 4 months from date of purchase.


Massage Ala Carte

Swedish Integrated/Therapeutic Massage Session

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $105

Chocolate Lovers Massage Session 


Indulge in pure relaxation while having organic cacao infused body cream massaged into your tired aching muscles.  Massage is then followed by an absolutely scrumptious organic chocolate sugar foot scrub.  Enjoy the benefits of chocolate without the calories!!! 


60 minute session only $75
90 minute session only $100



Add ons to any massage:

Aromatherapy $5

Salt scrub hands or feet $15

All sessions include time for consultation, time for dressing.



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